Our Team

We have been a member of the Wenatchee family for over 50 years and are committed to providing our friends and neighbors the highest quality veterinary care.



Debbie Piepel

Patient Care/Facilities

Julie Helligso

Hospital Administrator

Misty Ray


Sierra Hernandez-Pulido

Public Relations

Other Staff

We employ many vet technicians and doctors aides.

These are the people that help keep our business running smoothly and ensure that all pets get the best care. Say hi when you stop in next!

Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVT):

  • Allison Nelson
  • Jessica Kellogg
  • Emily Harbury
  • Kristin Bates
  • Carly Wilson
  • Whitney Crouch
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Heidi Steele

Doctors Aides:

  • Stacia Orange
  • Amy Blewis